Help “Dubai Cares” spread the gift of education

Since its inception in 2007, Dubai Cares has changed the lives of more than 13 million children in 39 developing countries around the world. Built on the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Cares believes that education is one of the most effective tools to break the cycle of poverty.


Dubai Cares started this exciting social media campaign called – ‪#‎IsFor. It drives the creation of the first ABC Book with the support of the UAE community. They encourage everyone to post photographs of objects whose words start with each letter of the alphabet, such as an image of an apple and a description “A #IsFor Apple” or an image of a bike “B is for Bike” or a picture of a train “T #IsFor Train”. In the book, we’ll feature many of the images and use the profile pictures and usernames of the users who shared them. We will distribute the book in English, Arabic and French in our beneficiary countries.

Post your photos now and help give the gift of education to children around the world.

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Introducing “Spill the Bean”

Being located in one of my favorite malls in Dubai, the Sunset Mall, “Spill the Bean” is here to stay and spoil us with the exquisite tastes and the laid back atmosphere.

The cool, chatty staff – led by Ola herself – serve incredible coffee and delicious food in a beautifully decorated coffee shop.


Let’s meet Ola, the owner and manager and see what she has to say about “Spill the Bean”:
How did “Spill the Bean” get started?
The idea for Spill the Bean started a long time ago. My husband and I are both coffee lovers and we’ve always been looking for a laid back place to hang out in and enjoy a great coffee, with some delicious munchies, and a good book. So a few years ago, we decided to bring that dream place to life. That’s how Spill the Bean came to life.


Why “Spill the Bean”? (How did you come up with the name?)
Are you familiar with the expression to “spill the beans”, which means to let out your secrets, what’s on your mind, the things that are bothering you, or the things that are pleasing you? Well, there’s nothing like a cup of coffee to bring people together; and when good friends and good coffee are joined in a great set up, beans are split. That chit chat between friends, family, colleagues, is very important, especially in Dubai where often you’re far away from your family and loved ones. I think for many people that little bit of chitchat over a cup of coffee fuels them to keep going.

IMG_0100                                      IMG_0046

What do you strive to offer to our city?
Spill the Bean is an independent specialty coffee shop built on the marriage between single origin coffees from different areas of the world and reinvented coffee shop food to create a healthy but decadent affair aimed at serving and delighting the community around us.

We aim to be that neighborhood coffee shop, that is both business friendly, with communal tables for meetings, outlets for laptops everywhere and wifi, and family friendly with a mummy and baby room, child friendly foods and decaf for mummies, and regular playgroups. We even regularly have events planned for our customers, ranging from blogger networking events, to holistic healing seminars, to coffee cupping events, to keep them engaged and coming back for more than their daily caffeine hit.


What’s the concept behind the food you serve?
So with the coffee, every month we have at least 3 different coffee beans from different regions of the world. Think of a caffeinated sensorial journey to Columbia, Peru, Ethiopia, Guatemala, or Mexico, maybe. Think of the flavor profiles, aromas, cremas, and body specific each of these regions and savoring the nuances in the sights, smells, and tastes. Now pair that little party in your mouth with healthy but indulgent yummies. Low fat, low sugar, low cal, gluten free, and dairy free are no longer synonymous with taste free. Let’s just say you’re definitely going to get your fair share of super foods in our delicacies for some added goodness. That’s our food concept- healthy food that doesn’t tastes indulgent.

DSC_0207         DSC_0073                                                 DSC_0026

What are the most popular coffee drinks at your cafe? And your personal favorite menu items?
A lot of people are use to espresso based drinks (cappuccino, latte, espresso, etc…) but we try to promote our brewed coffees too as that’s often how the flavor profiles of the coffee is best experienced with single origin beans. Chemex and aerpress have become some of our most popular brewing techniques that customers always ask for.

Our hot chocolate is also a best seller as it’s made with good quality dark chocolate- no syrups or powders or added sugars. It’s silky, smooth, rich, and oh so chocolatey 🙂

Another favorite is the date cold brew, which is single origin cold brewed coffee blended in with date. A healthy drink that tastes like a dessert and coffee all in one- you can’t go wrong with that.

My personal favorite right now is the Kenyan cold brew.


Can you tell us a bit about your background?
I come from a design background and worked in advertising then branding for a long time before setting up a brand consultancy business.

What do you love the most about your job?
The coffee!! And meeting so many cool new people all the time.

What’s next on the horizon for “Spill the Bean”?
We are currently working on 2 new outlets and are gearing up for the coffee competitions that are coming up towards the end of the year. We also have a new menu coming up soon. Lots of exciting stuff for us 🙂



To sum up: “Spill the Bean”, with the excellent flavours and depth to both hot and cold drinks, the cosy ambiance and the smiley stuff will be your next favorite coffee shop in Dubai, in case it’s not already! See you there!





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“Why You Need A Pair Of Maui Jim” – Play along and win

Maui Jim Sunglasses invites you to join in the summer fun! Show us “Why You Need A Pair Of Maui Jim” and get a chance to win a pair of sunglasses. Post a creative picture/video that highlights why your on-the-go lifestyle deserves a pair of the sunglasses that offers four different lens materials that are designed for optimal optics for a wide range of outdoor activities. Simply use the hashtag #INEEDMAUIJIM and add a link of their social media pages (Facebook / Twitter/ Instagram links below) to enter the game.  The post with the most likes and retweets will win the trendy pair of Maui Jim sunglasses!


Voted Reader’s Choice Sunglass Company of the Year and Women’s Sport Sunglass Brand of the Year by Opticians, Optometrists and Ophthalmologists, Maui Jim’s patent nine-layer PolarizedPlus2® lens technology combats harmful UV rays, 99.9 percent of glare from above, below and behind each lens and increases definition and depth perception. What’s more? Maui Jim sunglasses have been awarded the Seal of Recommendation from The Skin Cancer Foundation  as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin.


So don’t miss out on the summer fun, and be a part of the game to win a pair of Maui Jim’s stylish PolarizedPlus2® lens sunglasses to enjoy the great outdoors this summer without worrying about your eyes. Beat the Dubai heat with a pair of Maui Jim!

Maui Jim Pilot 210-17

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