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Living in Dubai is making you be surrounded by some of the most fashionable people on earth. Only a walk at the mall can bring you back home with a bunch of “shopping steals”. How cool would be to make some space to your closet by giving away some of the pieces you’re not using anymore, whilst you’re also giving back to the society?

Marie Baagoee, a fashionista who wanted to fill the gap of pre-loved brands in Dubai, thought of that and created Markat ME.

Markat ME is the Middle East’s first concept that spreads the joy of fashion by giving back.

DubaiLoving spent some time with this lovely, young entrepreneur and is happy to introduce her to you.

– So, who is Marie and why she chose to live and work in Dubai?

I came to Dubai the first time in 2007 and i just fell in love! This city is sparkling for business, entrepreneurship and it seems like no business idea is impossible here. I always wanted to start my own businesses, so this just seemed like the perfect place for me to live.


– What inspired you to start Markat ME?

In Denmark we have a lot of similar platforms, that allows you to resell your brands. Its a normal thing to sort your closet every now and then, both to get space but as well to get cash for new shopping adventures. It hurts me when brand new or nearly used items are left in the closet, getting dusty and forgotten. Why not pass it on and let someone else to love it? There are so many great aspects of dealing with secondhand goodies, one is as i just mentioned the waste of a brand new items being forgotten and left alone, but also the environmental aspect. We kill a lot of animals, and waste a lot of chemicals every time we produce new products. Why make all this harm if it’s not even being appreciated and loved? That cow suffered to please your image, so if you change your mind and end up not using the item, at least pass it on to someone who will appreciate and love what it took to produce this specific product! 

Another great aspect of secondhand is the fact that it’s off the market. Especially in Dubai, people tend to buy the same things, but here is a change to stand out – to form your own style and identity, even for a good bargain!  

So this is how Markat ME started. I wanted to bring this whole subject in the spotlight, in a region who is really developing in the art scene as well as the environmental!

– What are the elements that differentiate Markat ME from the other e-shops?

So to make Markat ME stand out, I was looking into this market, where our members might not need to sell out in order to make cash for new shopping founds, so to make it attractive here, I attached charity! When you upload your items for sale, you not only decide the price yourself, you can also choose to donate a portion of the sale to charity. We have selected four options at the moment, but always welcome more projects to support.

– How would you describe UAE’s women?

I definitely think of business – even though she might be a housewife, women here just tend to care a lot about their look, image and style. I believe the UAE woman is very independent and strong, one who has an opinion and dare to stand out!

– Favorite saying? 

Your biggest potential is hidden in your fear.

– Any future plans you would like to share with DubaiLoving?

Yes – We are very excited to be sponsoring a new POP UP concept in Dubai. The first weekend of every month, ‘Designers POP UP Market’ will take place in Urban Bistro, Dubai Media City. We will of course have a live sale of great designers bargains as well as another 20 designers and art crafters will showcase their products! There will be a lot of activities and complementary spa treatments, so please don’t miss out on that!

Moments from Designers POP UP Market
Moments from Designers POP UP Market

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Besides that, we are open for uploads, sales and charity 24/7 on 🙂

DubaiLoving and I wish all the best to Marie for her future plans. We’re always glad to see young people with smart ideas to conquer the world! We’ll see you at “Designers Pop Up Market”. 🙂





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