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Last night I had the pleasure to be among some of the best lifestyle bloggers in Dubai, at the “Blogger’s Night Out” event the incredible team of Ramada JBR hosted at Speakeasy, the very atmospheric pub that’s been located on the Lower Plaza Lever and has been voted as “Best New Pub 2013” by Time Out Dubai.

After I massively failed at the first Darts mission (yes, there’s an area with darts and jukebox), at least I had the chance to blow off some steam from the long day I had and I moved on to the next mission: “The make your own burger” Mission.

I made a vegetarian one. Super minimal. Well, in this mission I cannot say that i failed, -although i had some serious competitors, adding green apple and other gourmet elements to their burgers-, simply because the taste of the actual burger was so delicious that it really added value to my simple yet yummy vegetarian burger.

The signature J  Wellington Wimpy Burger
The signature J Wellington Wimpy Burger

By the end of the second and last mission, the Ramada team and all bloggers had dinner, while the GM of the hotel and the Chef were tasting our burgers in order to announce the winner. Apart from our personal burgers, we had the chance to enjoy an amazing selection of salads (my personal favorite, the one with Avocado and Egg), as well as 3 different types of potatoes (sweet potatoes are a must try!) dipped in tasty sauces and melted cheddar cheese (yes yes RIP diet, but it was oh so worthy!)

Congratulations to the Dart challenge winner Bianca ( and the Make-Your-Own-Burger Challenge winners Ritu (Fussfree) and Mae (La Petite Dame).

So next time you feel like traveling back in time, Speakeasy is your one and only option: The kind of pub you dream of stumbling across, this ancient-looking brewery-owned boozer, offering a wide selection of drinks, cigars, burgers, grills and entertainment is one of the most authentic pubs in the city.

A big thank you all of you who made this night so special! Ramada team rocks!

Matt & Angel live performance, not to be missed.
Matt & Angel live performance, not to be missed.
DJ Keith Dobbs in action
DJ Keith Dobbs in action





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