Fogueira – From Brazil to Dubai

About a week ago I had the pleasure to visit the infamous Fogueira Brazilian Restaurant in Ramada Plaza JBR.

Located on the 35th level with stunning views of Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah, Dubai’s 1st Brazilian Churrascaria offers authentic all-you-can-eat Brazilian barbeque and features endless meat cuts that are served straight to your table; along with traditional appetizers and a salad bar.

Fogueira Restaurant & Lounge

Among the highlights of that night were:

– The professional, yet friendly service, the very attentive waiters who were explaining us the different types of meat served by them and from which you could eat as much as you wanted.

– The playful yet elegant atmosphere (you were called to indicate whether you were ready for more meat or you needed a break, simply by placing in front of you a green or red coaster (green for more, red for break).

Fogueira Restaurant & Lounge

– The live performance of Giselle & Diego with modern and classic Latin tones with their beautiful voices and the brilliant remixes.


– Of course the Samba dancers who will mentally transfer you in Rio’s carnival and invite you to dance with them!

IMG_6438 copia

– The fact that our glasses were always full.

As for the food, my well trained meat lovers/friends were amazed by the meat (no wonder why they call Fogueira “the meat lover’s paradise”) and I, as vegeterian, have to say that the alfredo pasta, the mushroom soup, the authentic brazilian cheese breads and fried banana were mouth watering! For dessert, make sure you’ll try the traditional grilled pineapple with cinnamon and the passion fruit mousse (if you like sour desserts) and you’ll have a taste of heaven!

Now the weather is getting better, make sure you’ll reserve a table on the terrace. The view of Marina, JBR and the Palm will take your breath away!

Fogueira Lounge

Thank you Fogueira team for this memorable evening.

Oh and thank you for making me realize what my next travel destination will be. Rio, here I come!





Prices: AED 315 inclusive of free flow of soft drinks, chilled juices & still water  /  AED 425 inclusive of free flow of soft drinks and house beverages  /  AED 875 inclusive of free flow of bubbly

Outlet Timings:  Friday Brunch: 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm  /   Dinner:  Saturday to Wednesday: 6.30 pm to 12.00 am  /  Thursday & Friday: 6.30 pm to 2.00 am

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Introducing “Speakeasy”

Speakeasy Bar and Restaurant image

Last night I had the pleasure to be among some of the best lifestyle bloggers in Dubai, at the “Blogger’s Night Out” event the incredible team of Ramada JBR hosted at Speakeasy, the very atmospheric pub that’s been located on the Lower Plaza Lever and has been voted as “Best New Pub 2013” by Time Out Dubai.

After I massively failed at the first Darts mission (yes, there’s an area with darts and jukebox), at least I had the chance to blow off some steam from the long day I had and I moved on to the next mission: “The make your own burger” Mission.

I made a vegetarian one. Super minimal. Well, in this mission I cannot say that i failed, -although i had some serious competitors, adding green apple and other gourmet elements to their burgers-, simply because the taste of the actual burger was so delicious that it really added value to my simple yet yummy vegetarian burger.

The signature J  Wellington Wimpy Burger
The signature J Wellington Wimpy Burger

By the end of the second and last mission, the Ramada team and all bloggers had dinner, while the GM of the hotel and the Chef were tasting our burgers in order to announce the winner. Apart from our personal burgers, we had the chance to enjoy an amazing selection of salads (my personal favorite, the one with Avocado and Egg), as well as 3 different types of potatoes (sweet potatoes are a must try!) dipped in tasty sauces and melted cheddar cheese (yes yes RIP diet, but it was oh so worthy!)

Congratulations to the Dart challenge winner Bianca ( and the Make-Your-Own-Burger Challenge winners Ritu (Fussfree) and Mae (La Petite Dame).

So next time you feel like traveling back in time, Speakeasy is your one and only option: The kind of pub you dream of stumbling across, this ancient-looking brewery-owned boozer, offering a wide selection of drinks, cigars, burgers, grills and entertainment is one of the most authentic pubs in the city.

A big thank you all of you who made this night so special! Ramada team rocks!

Matt & Angel live performance, not to be missed.
Matt & Angel live performance, not to be missed.
DJ Keith Dobbs in action
DJ Keith Dobbs in action





Introducing “Spill the Bean”

Being located in one of my favorite malls in Dubai, the Sunset Mall, “Spill the Bean” is here to stay and spoil us with the exquisite tastes and the laid back atmosphere.

The cool, chatty staff – led by Ola herself – serve incredible coffee and delicious food in a beautifully decorated coffee shop.


Let’s meet Ola, the owner and manager and see what she has to say about “Spill the Bean”:
How did “Spill the Bean” get started?
The idea for Spill the Bean started a long time ago. My husband and I are both coffee lovers and we’ve always been looking for a laid back place to hang out in and enjoy a great coffee, with some delicious munchies, and a good book. So a few years ago, we decided to bring that dream place to life. That’s how Spill the Bean came to life.


Why “Spill the Bean”? (How did you come up with the name?)
Are you familiar with the expression to “spill the beans”, which means to let out your secrets, what’s on your mind, the things that are bothering you, or the things that are pleasing you? Well, there’s nothing like a cup of coffee to bring people together; and when good friends and good coffee are joined in a great set up, beans are split. That chit chat between friends, family, colleagues, is very important, especially in Dubai where often you’re far away from your family and loved ones. I think for many people that little bit of chitchat over a cup of coffee fuels them to keep going.

IMG_0100                                      IMG_0046

What do you strive to offer to our city?
Spill the Bean is an independent specialty coffee shop built on the marriage between single origin coffees from different areas of the world and reinvented coffee shop food to create a healthy but decadent affair aimed at serving and delighting the community around us.

We aim to be that neighborhood coffee shop, that is both business friendly, with communal tables for meetings, outlets for laptops everywhere and wifi, and family friendly with a mummy and baby room, child friendly foods and decaf for mummies, and regular playgroups. We even regularly have events planned for our customers, ranging from blogger networking events, to holistic healing seminars, to coffee cupping events, to keep them engaged and coming back for more than their daily caffeine hit.


What’s the concept behind the food you serve?
So with the coffee, every month we have at least 3 different coffee beans from different regions of the world. Think of a caffeinated sensorial journey to Columbia, Peru, Ethiopia, Guatemala, or Mexico, maybe. Think of the flavor profiles, aromas, cremas, and body specific each of these regions and savoring the nuances in the sights, smells, and tastes. Now pair that little party in your mouth with healthy but indulgent yummies. Low fat, low sugar, low cal, gluten free, and dairy free are no longer synonymous with taste free. Let’s just say you’re definitely going to get your fair share of super foods in our delicacies for some added goodness. That’s our food concept- healthy food that doesn’t tastes indulgent.

DSC_0207         DSC_0073                                                 DSC_0026

What are the most popular coffee drinks at your cafe? And your personal favorite menu items?
A lot of people are use to espresso based drinks (cappuccino, latte, espresso, etc…) but we try to promote our brewed coffees too as that’s often how the flavor profiles of the coffee is best experienced with single origin beans. Chemex and aerpress have become some of our most popular brewing techniques that customers always ask for.

Our hot chocolate is also a best seller as it’s made with good quality dark chocolate- no syrups or powders or added sugars. It’s silky, smooth, rich, and oh so chocolatey 🙂

Another favorite is the date cold brew, which is single origin cold brewed coffee blended in with date. A healthy drink that tastes like a dessert and coffee all in one- you can’t go wrong with that.

My personal favorite right now is the Kenyan cold brew.


Can you tell us a bit about your background?
I come from a design background and worked in advertising then branding for a long time before setting up a brand consultancy business.

What do you love the most about your job?
The coffee!! And meeting so many cool new people all the time.

What’s next on the horizon for “Spill the Bean”?
We are currently working on 2 new outlets and are gearing up for the coffee competitions that are coming up towards the end of the year. We also have a new menu coming up soon. Lots of exciting stuff for us 🙂



To sum up: “Spill the Bean”, with the excellent flavours and depth to both hot and cold drinks, the cosy ambiance and the smiley stuff will be your next favorite coffee shop in Dubai, in case it’s not already! See you there!





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Iftar @Sofitel JBR – A must try

Experience one of the most significant periods in the Islamic Calendar, the Holy month of Ramadan, with Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach.


Situated at a prime waterfront site in Dubai Marina, a stone’s throw away from the new low-rise retail and leisure destination “The Beach” and along Dubai’s trendy “The Walk” promenade, the luxury 5-star hotel epitomises a flawless amalgamation of French ‘art de vivre’ and Arabic hospitality and warmth. The hotel’s restaurants are offering delectable dining offers this Ramadan.

IMG_5242Observe the ceremonial breaking of the fast with family, friends or business partners at the popular A.O.C. French Brasserie this Ramadan.  Indulge in a plentiful array of sumptuous Middle Eastern, North African and International specialties and beverages. The appetizing buffet includes the classic cold and hot mezze, harira and lentil soup, tajines, slow roasted lamb Ouzi with oriental rice, Arabic mixed grill, couscous tfaya, biryani rice, a shawarma station and a delightful variety of traditional sweets such as Um Ali, kadaif, halwa, date pudding and a range of refreshing Ramadan beverages.


In conclusion, the food was delightful and beautifully presented, the people extremely sweet and helpful and the overall experience very satisfying! Thank you Sofitel JBR! See you soon!


 Iftar at A.O.C. French Brasserie
From sunset to 11:00pm
AED 140 per person.





Medley Restaurant – The ideal Ramadan experience for everyone.

Indulge your Palate this Ramadan at Medley Restaurant

Pullman Dubai Deira City Centre is ready to nourish you and your loved ones with a variety of offers to enjoy this Holy month of Ramadan.

PDDCC- Ramadan Offers (3) PDDCC- Ramadan Offers (4)

Last night it opened its doors and invited us to enjoy first the new Iftar menu prepared by Executive Chef Andreas and Chef Mama. With its mouth-watering buffet and best family- friendly setting in town, Medley is the ideal place of choice to experience the true spirit of the month.

Chef Mama
Chef Mama

Highlights of the night: The pan-Arabian delights, traditional sweets and savoury delicacies corner, the soft lighting and music and the Henna artists putting us more in the Moroccan mood!

IMG_2384 IMG_2383

Thanks Medley Restaurant and Pullman Dubai Deira City Center.

See you soon.

Iftar at Medley Restaurant:

The delicacies of Medley restaurant come alive for Ramadan as you discover a vast selection of pan-Arabian delights with a Moroccan twist, seasoned to perfection.

 Time: 7:00pm-11:00mp

  • Individual:

AED 115 per person (when booked before June 5)

  • Children:

AED 70 kids between the ages of 6 to 12 years old

Free for kids below 6 years old

  • Groups of 10 people or more:

AED 135 per person (for 10 to 20 guests)

AED 125 per person (for 20 to 50 guests)

AED 115 per person (for 50 guests or more)





Meet Bianca Mozzarella & Co – Not just an Italian Restaurant

Maria finished her job some nights ago and she invited her girlfriends to this beautiful new restaurant in Box Park for a “proper Italian dinner”. Her friends accepted the invitation, and they had no idea that soon they’d found themselves in Italian paradise!

Meet Bianca Mozzarella&Co

IMG_1349 (2)

The first impression (which they say is also the last) was great. A mandarin tree in the middle of the venue surrounded by cute, white tables with fresh flowers on them made us feel like we were visiting a friend’s garden. A swing instead of a chair caught my eye and we immediately went for this table.

IMG_1369       IMG_1366

The people were happy, very polite and as soon as I opened the menu and I saw a note saying “please be kind with us, we’re still on a soft opening” they got me! There’s nothing I appreciate more than honesty.

IMG_1356 IMG_1353

We had the chance to talk to Francesco, the Marketing Manager, who shared some information about the place with us with such love and passion:

“We grew up in Naples, the home of Mozzarella, where two generations of our family became famous for their production of buffalo mozzarella  and other dairy products. To continue our legacy, we decided to introduce the rest of the world to the authenticity of Italian mozzarella and other dairy products by opening our very first restaurant: Bianca Mozzarella&Co named after our grand-grandmother.”

IMG_6623   IMG_6756

The menu is a reflection of their deep dedication to quality, craftsmanship and excellence and comprised of highly selected ingredients, with en emphasis on organic and P.D.O. raw materials. Our personal favorite dishes: Parmigiana di Melanzane for appetizer, Spaghetti alla Nerano, the light dish from Amalfi coast with zucchini, basil and Parmesan shavings or Cotoletta Milanese for the meat lovers and of course the mouth-watering signature Bianca Cake. Yummi!  Don’t forget to drink espresso, made the authentic Italian way!

IMG_1364    IMG_1307

Soft opening or not, the service was great, the staff was amazing and the food was….. well enough said. You’ll try for yourselves!

Bianca Mozzarella&Co… Arrivederci!

#DubaiLoving fans… Buon Appetito! 🙂


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Introducing Arabian Tea House

Nestled in Bastakiya, the oldest district of Dubai, began serving its authentic brand of food and beverages 15 years ago. The historic house belonged to a well known pearl merchant and retains its sense of tradition till today.

                1 5

The conversion of it into a traditional tea house was done with an eye to detail and meticulous attention to ensuring the heritage and charm of this place were apparent throughout its premises.

If you want to enjoy the indulgence of a taste of history in a modern city such Dubai, Arabian Tea House’s secret garden is the place to visit.

3            4

10             11

Their signature trademark is -of course- their teas, which they have sought from the best resources around the world. Their dedication to acquiring teas has allowed them to currently offer more than 150 varieties of tea and making them the largest Middle East center of teas in terms of variety.

                    Blooming Tea Lime with Mint

To complement their premium teas, Arabian Tea House also offers a unique menu consisting of traditional delicacies to satisfy healthy and curious appetites.

                        Healthy Breakfast                        Special Breakfast Tray

DubaiCat totally recommends Lime with Mint Iced Tea and Dates Cake. Yummi!

                                IMG_7341 IMG_7346

Next time we’ll definitely try some of the amazing selections of breakfast they offer. Stay tuned!

                IMG_4937 IMG_4940

Special thanks to Mohammad Abdo Akash, Operations Manager for the warm hospitality and to the lovely Grace, Arabian Tea House’s dedicated employee since 2003, who provide us with some of the info and who effortlessly but successfully passed her love of this place to us.

Day or night, rain or shine (yes it actually rained while we were there and it was absolutely lovely), Arabian Tea House is the right place to be when you feel like escaping from the big city and visit your grandma’s garden for a while.

IMG_7345 IMG_7335

Dubai Loving wishes you a truly pleasurable experience!



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