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Since its inception in 2007, Dubai Cares has changed the lives of more than 13 million children in 39 developing countries around the world. Built on the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Cares believes that education is one of the most effective tools to break the cycle of poverty.


Dubai Cares started this exciting social media campaign called – ‪#‎IsFor. It drives the creation of the first ABC Book with the support of the UAE community. They encourage everyone to post photographs of objects whose words start with each letter of the alphabet, such as an image of an apple and a description “A #IsFor Apple” or an image of a bike “B is for Bike” or a picture of a train “T #IsFor Train”. In the book, we’ll feature many of the images and use the profile pictures and usernames of the users who shared them. We will distribute the book in English, Arabic and French in our beneficiary countries.

Post your photos now and help give the gift of education to children around the world.

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Introducing Excellency Center

Research showed that about 72% of computer users had neck pain at some point in their life. Guess what? I’m one of them! But I’m not worried anymore cause I’ve found the perfect specialists for that!

One hot Thursday life brought me to the heart of Dubai. I had the longest possible week but my treatment appointment with Excellency Center kept me going.


Conveniently located at the Old Town Island, the Center has been thoughtfully designed to convey the soothing, luxuriant feel of an ultra-modern cocoon. As soon as I walked in Excellency team made me feel so welcome. It took me some time to just admire the amazing interior and then a smiley face approached me asking me if I would like them to offer me something to drink and since there’s this big buzz in the city that they’re offering amazing Freddo Cappuccino, I went for this and I’m glad I did. 🙂

Excellency Centers 26-05-2014 3011


After I had my one to one complimentary session with Dr. Vasilis Mitsis (Physical Medice and Rehabilitation Doctor), he assessed my condition and recommended a tailor-made treatment so we could comfort the postural fatigue coming from the long hours of computer use (buuusted!).


They prepared my private room and Mrs. Meropi Papakonstantinou (Physiotherapist Specialist) immediately made me feel that I was literally in good hands. Don’t expect me to remember the names of the machines, although she took the time to explain me every single detail on how they work and how exactly their use would benefit my body, all I know is that the session took more than an hour and the combination of the machines with her magic hands relaxed my muscles to the max.

Excellency Centers 26-05-2014 3051


As all good things in life come to an end, so my Excellency Center experience did. Before that though Mrs. Meropi stayed with me and showed me step by step some exercises I should do every time I feel my neck heavy.


Excellency Center is Dubai’s latest addition to the physical therapy field. Founded by a group of owners that have a long background in the field, the center promises to fill a gap, combining a highly experienced physical therapy team of European specialists with a sleek, ultra-modern environment that is designed to convey the relaxing feeling of a cocoon. Pay them a visit and treat yourself with the ultimate gift to a painless life.

Excellency Centers 26-05-2014 3005 Excellency Centers 26-05-2014 2998



Excellency Center is an exclusive, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation center that focuses on healing physical pain and conditions that impair our quality of life. Using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest, most advanced therapeutic methods, our highly trained staff of European specialists will assess your condition to provide a course of treatment that is tailored to your personal needs.

Their goal is not only to achieve physical rehabilitation by treating existing conditions, but also to prevent future ones from occurring by helping you understand how everyday movements affect our bodies and the impact they have on our health.


They Aim To Help You To:

  • Understand the root cause of pain and/or disability and find effective methods to minimize pain with the intention of eliminating it, so that your overall quality of life is improved and you can go back to performing daily tasks.
  • Ease pain and improve function through technologically advanced physical techniques and treatments.
  • Remove obstacles to movement and educate you on how to move safely around your environment.


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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation center

Al Saaha, Block D, W 406, Old Town Islands, Burj Khalifa, Dubai

tel: +97144533377







Meet Bianca Mozzarella & Co – Not just an Italian Restaurant

Maria finished her job some nights ago and she invited her girlfriends to this beautiful new restaurant in Box Park for a “proper Italian dinner”. Her friends accepted the invitation, and they had no idea that soon they’d found themselves in Italian paradise!

Meet Bianca Mozzarella&Co

IMG_1349 (2)

The first impression (which they say is also the last) was great. A mandarin tree in the middle of the venue surrounded by cute, white tables with fresh flowers on them made us feel like we were visiting a friend’s garden. A swing instead of a chair caught my eye and we immediately went for this table.

IMG_1369       IMG_1366

The people were happy, very polite and as soon as I opened the menu and I saw a note saying “please be kind with us, we’re still on a soft opening” they got me! There’s nothing I appreciate more than honesty.

IMG_1356 IMG_1353

We had the chance to talk to Francesco, the Marketing Manager, who shared some information about the place with us with such love and passion:

“We grew up in Naples, the home of Mozzarella, where two generations of our family became famous for their production of buffalo mozzarella  and other dairy products. To continue our legacy, we decided to introduce the rest of the world to the authenticity of Italian mozzarella and other dairy products by opening our very first restaurant: Bianca Mozzarella&Co named after our grand-grandmother.”

IMG_6623   IMG_6756

The menu is a reflection of their deep dedication to quality, craftsmanship and excellence and comprised of highly selected ingredients, with en emphasis on organic and P.D.O. raw materials. Our personal favorite dishes: Parmigiana di Melanzane for appetizer, Spaghetti alla Nerano, the light dish from Amalfi coast with zucchini, basil and Parmesan shavings or Cotoletta Milanese for the meat lovers and of course the mouth-watering signature Bianca Cake. Yummi!  Don’t forget to drink espresso, made the authentic Italian way!

IMG_1364    IMG_1307

Soft opening or not, the service was great, the staff was amazing and the food was….. well enough said. You’ll try for yourselves!

Bianca Mozzarella&Co… Arrivederci!

#DubaiLoving fans… Buon Appetito! 🙂


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EDO cafe: Where you first stop for dessert

Edo Café, a Japanese based new concept café and dessert bar, open its doors to a number of socialites, food passionistas and exclusive guests yesterday and hosted an evening soiree with food enthusiasts for a light chat featuring their traditional Mochi Cream.

Their signature dish, Mochi cream, was also presented and uniquely created displaying an exclusive range of frozen Mochi Cream — a delicious gourmet mochi available in an array of exciting flavors.

Mochi cream Mochi cream (5)

“Our signature dish, the Mochi Cream is a favorite among all it’s consumers. It is a traditional Japanese sticky rice cake which is transformed by Edo Café into a designer cream sweet. This evening marks the coming together of all food lovers, celebrating their tastes and liking towards the array of desserts at the café.” Kristine, the Manager of the place, shared with us .

Mochi cream (3) Mochi cream (2)

Mochi are traditional Japanese sticky rice cakes, transformed by Edo into designer cream sweets. The Japanese inspired sweets also come with healthy benefits due to the use of natural sugar used in the desserts. Mochi sweets are low calories healthy sweets suitable for kids and adults. The selection of flavors offered at Edo together with the Mochi Cream, are incredibly sumptuous. The soft cream-filled dough makes for a truly distinct and enjoyable choice of dessert.

Edo Sweet café, located in Citywalk Mall, is a unique concept café with Japanese origins. They integrate high quality Asian Mochi Cream sweets with a distinctive range of premium coffees, teas and soft drinks, in an environment of style and sophistication. At Edo cafe, you will enjoy yummy mochi that are Japanese sweets with more then 20 flavors, low calories, healthy sweets, kids and adults love them.

IMG_1384 IMG_1377

Summer is here, you’ll now enjoy more than ever the refreshing mouth watering taste of this very unique dessert. You’ll remember my words when you try it. My personal favorite? White chocolate! Yuuuummi.-




edo logo cafe



Introducing Cafe Rider

Dubai Loving continues discovering the best things Dubai has to offer, and here we are once again revealing a very unique destination: Cafe Rider.



Cafe Rider is a local watering hole on the edge of Al Quoz. It is a lifestyle brand where specialty coffee bar and custom bike workshop come in to one.

Cafe Rider-6   cafe rider 1

The industrial-style interior design with the wood and steel details, the in-house workshop and the amazing taste of coffee are some of the highlights of this place.

IMG_7222   IMG_7214

The shopping corner will provide all riders with the most wanted  carefully selected accessories.


Cafe Rider doesn’t categorize itself as just a biker hangout or coffee shop, their goal is to create a lifestyle and culture and you’ll definitely feel it once you visit them.

IMG_0906 _DSC1056Cafe Rider is a must-see place in Dubai, and this coming from a person (eehm… i meant cat) who has no interest in Motorcycles and cars means A LOT.

The vibe of the place, the friendly staff, the smell of the coffee and the fact that you find yourself surrounded by gorgeous vehicles every time, are some of the reasons I can’t stop visiting this place.

See you there!

PS. Make sure you’ll try Alpine Cappuccino and enjoy the lovely surprise in your cup! 😉



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Introducing Elyazia Beauty … home!

Located in a villa in the quiet area of Uptown Mirdif, entering Elyazia Beauty Center immediately gives you the feeling of visiting a friend or a family member.

_DSC0160 _DSC0170

The red flowers of the garden, the soft music and the smell of the villa combined with the warm smiling faces in the reception, makes you feel good with your decision to visit them. No wonder why the all the high end ladies of Dubai know Elyazia.

Gorgeous interior, with vintage touches here and there with beautiful big rooms full of light. It’s surprisingly big but yet it feels so homey.

_DSC0182 _DSC0184

As for the beauty services?

Let yourself in the professional hands of Mrs. Sofia Vasilara, Skin Care consultant and Celebrity Beauty Mentor for a facial treatment with Naturom the cosmetics brand with the most refined natural ingredients that nourish your skin in the best way possible.

_DSC0214 _DSC0222

Enjoy the super famous Moroccan Bath Elyazia’s team is offering. Step into the steam room, let go all your reservations and feel the loving energy of the room. Enjoy the rejuvenating bath with no chemicals used or fancy perfumed products.

Of course a blow dry and a mani pedi session is always a must. Let Elyazia’s well trained personnel pamper you. You’ll be surprised by their sweetness, kindness, efficiency and professionalism.

_DSC0245 _DSC0251

As we in #DubaiLoving are constantly searching for the unique in Dubai, we could not take the time and write those few words about them. They way they’re treating their clients, the positive energy of the center as well as the carefully selected range of services and products available could not keep us disinterest.

Elyazia Beauty Center is not just another beauty center, it’s a beauty Home!

PS. When our team expressed the desire to write about them and we told them that our website is based on the “Pay it Forward” philosophy, Elyazia’s team wanted to express their gratitude by offering to our fans a few complimentary services.

If you want to see how can you participate in our contest please visit Elyazia’s Facebook Page and see how here:

Elyazia Logo

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Introducing Arabian Tea House

Nestled in Bastakiya, the oldest district of Dubai, began serving its authentic brand of food and beverages 15 years ago. The historic house belonged to a well known pearl merchant and retains its sense of tradition till today.

                1 5

The conversion of it into a traditional tea house was done with an eye to detail and meticulous attention to ensuring the heritage and charm of this place were apparent throughout its premises.

If you want to enjoy the indulgence of a taste of history in a modern city such Dubai, Arabian Tea House’s secret garden is the place to visit.

3            4

10             11

Their signature trademark is -of course- their teas, which they have sought from the best resources around the world. Their dedication to acquiring teas has allowed them to currently offer more than 150 varieties of tea and making them the largest Middle East center of teas in terms of variety.

                    Blooming Tea Lime with Mint

To complement their premium teas, Arabian Tea House also offers a unique menu consisting of traditional delicacies to satisfy healthy and curious appetites.

                        Healthy Breakfast                        Special Breakfast Tray

DubaiCat totally recommends Lime with Mint Iced Tea and Dates Cake. Yummi!

                                IMG_7341 IMG_7346

Next time we’ll definitely try some of the amazing selections of breakfast they offer. Stay tuned!

                IMG_4937 IMG_4940

Special thanks to Mohammad Abdo Akash, Operations Manager for the warm hospitality and to the lovely Grace, Arabian Tea House’s dedicated employee since 2003, who provide us with some of the info and who effortlessly but successfully passed her love of this place to us.

Day or night, rain or shine (yes it actually rained while we were there and it was absolutely lovely), Arabian Tea House is the right place to be when you feel like escaping from the big city and visit your grandma’s garden for a while.

IMG_7345 IMG_7335

Dubai Loving wishes you a truly pleasurable experience!



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Instagram: @arabianteahouse


The Cartoon Art Gallery – Hybrid Heroine


The Cartoon Art Gallery ( opened its doors on the 14th of March to the brilliant artist Jennifer Stelco (,

FullSizeRender(1)A collection of digital images celebrating influential women blended together goes on display this month. Dubai-based Jennifer Stelco has created illustrations of two female figures and morphed them into a single picture to portray powerful women in history. Maria Antoinette meets Mariah Carey, Pink blends with Pocahontas, Princess Diana is paired with Motown group The Supremes, while Lady Gaga joins artist Frida Kahlo. .

Angelina Boleyn (Anne Boleyn/Anjelina Jolie)
Angelina Boleyn (Anne Boleyn/Anjelina Jolie)
Lady Frida Ghago (Lady Gaga/Frida Khalo)
Lady Frida Ghago (Lady Gaga/Frida Khalo)
Beyondphrodite (Beyonce / Aphrodite)
Beyondphrodite (Beyonce / Aphrodite)
Janis Austen (Janis Joplin/Jane Austen)
Janis Austen (Janis Joplin/Jane Austen)
Ellen Roosevelt (Ellen/Eleanor Roosevelt)
Ellen Roosevelt (Ellen/Eleanor Roosevelt)
Amelia Cherhart (Amelia Earhart/Cher)
Amelia Cherhart (Amelia Earhart/Cher)
Queen Victoria Beckham (Victoria Beckham/Queen Victoria)
Queen Victoria Beckham (Victoria Beckham/Queen Victoria)
Marylie Curoe (Marie Curoe / Marilyn Monroe)

The collection, Hybrid Heroine, will be exhibited at the Cartoon Art Gallery until the 23th of March and images can be bought in A1 size (60cm by 80cms).

P.S.: I loved the coffee corner 😛

IMG_6893The Cartoon Art Gallery, 4b Street, Al Quoz 1, Dubai. Tel: (04) 3266467. Metro: First Gulf Bank.