Dubai Watch Week

A week ago, Dubai Watch Week event open its doors to the public. DubaiCat was kind enough to secure us a place for the watchmaking session by Peter Speake-Marin (

Under the supervision of top-class watchmakers, we were introduced to mechanical watches, and we’ve gained hands-on experience in assembling mechanisms.

IMG_9674 IMG_9676

As part of the event there was also an exhibition with some of the most creative, independent watch manufactures such as MB&F, Hautlence, Cabestan and Bovet, to name a few. During our time there, we met watch enthusiasts, collectors, famous bloggers and we engaged with key contributors of the watch industry.

Space Pirate
MB&F, HM6 ‘Space Pirate’ inspired by the unknown environment of space.
MB&F, HM5 ‘on the road again’ inspired by supercars of 1970’s.
Cabestan, ‘Luna Nera’ inspired by the moon phases.


Luckily enough, we had the opportunity to try on our wrists some of the most expensive and rare watches on the market, and experience the results of complexity combined with creativity.

Dubai watch week has come to an end, and we hope to see more events like this in the future.

By George Dimakis